The Best National Burger Day Deals For Pick-Up, Delivery, Or Drive-Thru

Today is National Burger Day which means if you aren’t already eating a burger you either didn’t know until just now (food holiday saturation) or you’re just not down with burgers (meat not implied). Regardless, you’re here now, so let’s celebrate the near-perfect food combination that is the burger — rivaled only by pizza, shwarma, and burritos as the best handheld foods on earth. Cheeseburgers, avocado burgers, bacon burgers, plant-based burgers, hell, even the plain old hamburger — they’re all delicious and today they’re also pretty cheap.

We’ve collected all the best burger deals that you can pick up for delivery, curbside pickup, or via a drive-thru below, so that you can celebrate the day devoted to the burger the right way. By eating one ASAP.

Carl’s Jr.

Buy a Famous Star or Western Bacon cheeseburger and receive another one for just $1, which is the perfect excuse to double up for lunch! Or you know, share with a friend. Whatever.


Today only, Chili’s will be adding their Big Mouth Bites burgers to the three for $10 menu, which includes a beverage and starter.

Del Taco

You may not know this but Del Taco actually makes a pretty damn good cheeseburger. And from May 27th through the 31st you can get a free Double Del Cheeseburger when you purchase a Double Del Cheeseburger through the Del Taco app. That’s four patties of meat baby! If that doesn’t say National Hamburger Day, we’re not sure what does.

Del Taco also offers free delivery, so you don’t even have to leave your house to go through the drive-thru!

The Habit

The Habit will be offering free delivery for National Burger Day.

Halo Burger QP Combos will be just $5 all Burger Day long.

Jack in the Box

All orders placed through the Jack in the Box mobile app will be reduced by 20% beginning May 28th until June 1st. What a way to spend the weekend!

Johnny Rockets

Pitch your best burger idea for Johnny Rocket’s menu and you’ll be entered for the chance to win free burgers for a year. That won’t get you a free burger today, but it might make you a minor burger celebrity.

Ruby Tuesday

Build your Ruby Tuesday burger online and receive 20% off when using the code MAY20


Order a Smoked Bacon Brisket Burger and receive a second one for just $1. Take a peek at the bacon on that thing and tell us that a bacon burger isn’t the right move to make today?

Steak ’n Shake

Receive a free order of fries when you pick up an order through drive-thru at Steak ’n Shake. There is no catch, this also doesn’t have anything to do with Burgers, but hey, free sides, you can’t go wrong!

If fries aren’t your thing, you can pick up a Double Steak Burger and a milkshake for just $4 on May 28th only.

Wayback Burgers — Wayback Burgers is offering their Classic Burger for a reduced price of $5.28 to match the date. Cute!

Wendy’s — Purchase via Wendy’s app and you’ll receive a free Breakfast Baconator or a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich, neither of which are a burger, but still free!

White Castle — Not exactly a National Burger Day deal but a good chance to remind grocery store and retail employees that they can receive 20% off their White Caste Orders until June 15th. Celebrate Burger Day at a 20% discount!