This Adorably Touching Holiday Commercial Might Reduce You To A Puddle Of Tears

The above Christmas-themed commercial comes to us from the Polish company Allegro, an online auction website similar to eBay. In the nearly three minute long spot — which has been shared over two million times since it was uploaded at the end of November — an elderly Polish man who lives alone with his dog receives a package in the mail that contains a book of English for beginners.

Over the course of the next few minutes, we see the man practicing his English, everywhere from around his home, to over breakfast, while he’s in the bathtub, and even on the bus where he inadvertently tells a complete stranger that he loves her and that she is perfect. (That somehow manages to come off more cute than creepy, which is atypical of such an interaction with strangers on public transportation.)

Finally the man receives another package in the mail. This package contains a suitcase, new toothbrush, slippers, and a passport. You can probably see where they’re going with it at this point. After leaving his dog with a neighbor and a short flight to London, the man shows up on a doorstep, and… we won’t spoil the ending, but as long as your heart isn’t too black and shriveled you might find yourself bawling your eyes out at your desk.