Trix Cereal: Silly Rabbit, You’re Being Replaced!

It’s about to get all-natural up in the Trix house [a sentence which has never been written before in the history of time]. As a part of General Mills’ promise to remove all artificial flavors and colors from their cereals by 2017, the company is also ridding themselves — albeit temporarily — of the oh-so-artificial bunny that’s been the face of the brand since the 1960s. Because, get it? A cartoon isn’t natural.

If you’re feeling nostalgia-panic at this tragic news, don’t worry (also, relax). There will still be a rabbit. An all-natural rabbit. And it could be your rabbit, if you happen to be in possession of a particularly cute specimen. According to a press release that rolled out this morning, General Mills is holding a three-week open casting call in search of the #RealTrixRabbit. Yeah, that’s right. It’s the Gerber Baby Photo Search for pet bunnies. Complete with its own hashtag and Tumblr site.

Of course, like anything, this contest has fine print attached to it. First, the press release states that the chosen rabbit will “appear on limited run boxes in the winner’s hometown.” Rabbit? Or rabbits? The rules are unclear how many winners there will actually be.

Second, it might not only be rabbits they’re looking for? According to the press release, “From real rabbits to pets in bunny costumes, kids, parents and family members are invited to snap pictures or take videos of their furry friends.” So does that mean Ralphie from A Christmas Story would have been eligible to compete back in the day? Or what about Donnie Darko’s Frank? Because how terrifying would it be to see him staring at you from your cereal every morning?

The Real Trix Rabbit fashion model-esque commercial is sort of hilarious. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the contest, which runs from now until November 8. If anything, we’re happy that we get a break from the cracked-out Trix rabbit’s angst at not getting the cereal. Listen, it’s for kids, pal.