Kit Kats, Mozzarella Sticks, And More Food Fails That Got Litigious

02.02.16 4 years ago

On Monday, the world of commercial candy products was rocked when Nestle was publicly called out for providing a 20-year-old college student a package of Kit Kats that wasn’t up to par. Forget the fact that they didn’t gold-plate it, there weren’t even any wafers. But while others might be satisfied to just idly complain on Twitter, Saima Ahmad has boldly (and righteously) demanded that Kit Kat provide her with a lifetime supply of chocolate. If they don’t, she said she might just sue — which quickly prompted responses of “that’s outrageous” and “don’t these young people have anything better to do with their lives?” until everyone realized that Ahmad’s threats were just a teensy bit tongue-in-cheek.

But Kit Kat Gate did get us thinking: Is Ahmad’s lawsuit the wackiest food-related lawsuit threat we’ve ever seen? Not by a longshot. It isn’t even the wackiest suit this week —  McDonald’s is now getting sued for their cheese-less mozzarella sicks.

Here are five more lawsuits that tried to take on big food and beverage:

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