Wise Woman Demands Lifetime Supply Of Kit Kats After Getting Just Chocolate With No Wafers

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02.01.16 8 Comments
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War, famine, pestilence–all these things are bad. But none of the aforementioned tragedies is more relevant to our everyday lives than the dishonor of paying for a package of Kit Kats (the world’s most perfect naturally-occurring source of vitamins) and finding it to be all chocolate and no wafer. Unlike the debacle that’s currently going on at McDonald’s–where people are receiving cheese sticks without the cheese–missing wafers are a real issue and one woman is taking a brave stand, threatening to sue the candy’s manufacturer unless she gets a lifetime supply of properly wafered candy.

Saima Ahmad, the 20-year-old who’s standing up against Nestle, bought a package of three Kit Kats in December for roughly four bucks. But while that bought her a lot of chocolate, it brought her none of the signature wafers that make Kit Kats so delightful. According to The Daily Mail, one of the reasons that Ahmad is so upset (and yes, she gets how funny her threats are) is because she’s a huge fan of the snack and wants to continue enjoying it.

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