The Gold-Plated Kit Kat Bar Is The Ultimate Symbol Of Novelty Food Excess

Japan harbors a love of unusual takes on the Kit Kat candy bar. Earlier this year, they brought Kit Kat sandwiches into the world. Even more bizarre are the pudding-flavored Kit Kat pizzas that shocked taste buds with an unusual combination of tastes. It seems the roof of one’s mouth is the limit where Kit Kat is concerned.

Now Kit Kat is upping the ante with an edible form of real gold. Barely in time for Christmas, Japan’s Chocolatory boutiques will sell a gold-plated version of the Kit Kat bar. The special edition bar will celebrate Nestle Japan’s recent achievement of one million visitors. To commemorate this landmark number, the most unusual Kit Kat yet is happening:

Called the Sublime Gold Kit Kat, the unusual offering will be available as a single piece starting at the end of December, retailing for 2,016 yen (US$16.41), to coincide with the upcoming New Year celebrations. Using a premium, rich bitter-flavoured chocolate Kit Kat as its base, the gold leaf layer is added by hand, ensuring that these individually-crafted chocolates are among the most sought-after sweets of the holiday season. Only 500 bars will be made and they will be sold exclusively at the nation’s eight Chocolatory boutiques.

Edible gold doesn’t sound like the healthiest option in the world, for gold doesn’t exactly fit into the food pyramid. Does it count under vitamins and minerals? Probably not, but the Internet is pretty excited. The news spread like a river of chocolate and can be accurately summarized by this Twitter user.

(Via Rocket News 24)