San Francisco Now Has A Boob-Themed Pop Up Shop

breast cancer awareness

The San Francisco-based online store Lisa Says Gah has a special new project for the month of October. The store has opened “The Boob Shop,” which sells cute, funny boob-themed merchandise. What’s more, proceeds from sales will go to fund research to find a cure for breast cancer.

There are many ways for something called “The Boob Shop” to be executed tastelessly, but the merchandise Lisa Says Gah is selling actually looks well designed, and offers a cheeky f*ck you to this serious disease. As pictures at The Metro show, there’s a rug with an artsy doodle of a pair of breasts, a ceramic wall hanging shaped like one, and a cute gold heart pendant that says “sweet t*ts” and “f*ck cancer.”

15 to 100 percent of the proceeds (that’s a wide range) go to the UCSF Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where a friend of the store is currently undergoing treatment for the disease. The store is also raising awareness about getting regular check ups for breast cancer, even for young women. The inspiration for The Boob Shop, Amanda Niello, is 29 years old, and currently has stage two breast cancer, which she’s fighting valiantly with the support of her community.

Spencer’s Gifts this is not, so people shouldn’t feel guilty shopping at The Boob Shop for themselves or their loved ones. Just be sure to explain the background before you hand over a trinket you’ve purchased from this specialty store.