Remembering The ‘S’Mores Scene’ From ‘The Sandlot’ On National S’Mores Day

08.10.15 3 years ago
The Sandlot S'mores

20th Century Fox

The simplest things can trigger an unexpected trip through the bittersweet mines of nostalgia. One of those is the joy of squeezing a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate in between two graham crackers and creating a s’more. That quick and easy process, with a substantial reward, was never explained as elegantly as it was by Hamilton “Ham” Porter (Patrick Renna) in The Sandlot, as he made it his duty to educate “Scotty” Smalls on a childhood ritual he’d missed completely.

It’s a scene that we all remember vividly, and it doesn’t need any particular segue to talk about because it will always be relevant. But today is National S’mores Day, so why not breakdown that key moment and then see about updating Ham’s recipe.

“You Wanna Smore?”/”S’more What?”

smore gif

20th Century FOX

Basically, this is the ’90s kid version of “Who’s On First?”

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