Street Artists Making A Name For Themselves On Instagram

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There are few things more divisive and subjective as art — experience, lifestyle, and frame of mind all have an impact on how we consume and interpret it. On the streets, art becomes a fair bit more egalitarian. Murals painted overnight become the highlights of a daily walk to the corner shop for milk. It’s less about seeking a gallery or installation and more about connecting culture with the everyday experience.

Personally, I have some hard and fast rules when it comes to what art I like. It’s pretty simple really. If I like it, I like it. If I don’t, then I don’t. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be much harder than that. Trends come and go. Tastes change. And sometimes it’s easier just to own what it is that speaks to you.

Below are a few street artists that speak to me and so I follow them on Instagram. Hopefully they’ll speak to you too.


Any trepidation you have over Hansky’s copping of Bansky should have been assuaged by his now iconic Drumpf pile of sh*t. Hansky’s light-hearted skewering of pop culture figures from Tom Hanks to Homer Simpson to Marty McFly has a long-lasting endurance. Hell, people get tattoos of Homer’s Avocad’oh! Though there’s less cutting social commentary in Hansky’s work, it’s still deeply dirty and ironic without being too snarky.

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