Put This Horrifying Tipping Technique On Your List Of Things To Never, Ever Try

12.12.16 2 years ago 13 Comments

Humans are terrible. We say this not to make anyone feel bad — although, you’ve probably done some bad things, too — but because it’s an objective and well-supported fact. Need more proof? Just check the news. Wants even more evidence? Well then look no further than this tale of a customer and his wife proudly humiliating their server into “doing a good job” by threatening her livelihood.

Let’s start with the terrible basics: An anonymous couple (because of course they’re anonymous) saw a fun tip for getting good service online and decided to test it out. The “hack” entails putting all the tip money on the table at the beginning of the meal (in singles) and then taking away a dollar every time the server does something that is perceived as “wrong.” (This trick was also used in an episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun, but that dude was an alien so it’s not as big of a deal.)

That was reviled on Reddit not long ago, but of course two people — so lucky to have found each other! — decided to take it out into the real world, inform people that it works, and then suggest that everyone try it. Because no dinner out is satisfying unless you’ve forced the person serving you to jump like a trained monkey for five dollars because self-esteem is for the no-integrity schmucks who like to do “social experiments” with no regard for decency.

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