The Best Food Moments & Real-Life Restaurants From ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel made its triumphant return to Amazon last week. This show is a pastiche of many of our true loves — Vintage comedy! Old NYC! Tony Shalhoub!. The fact that its wide-ranging interests and elements somehow fit neatly into one stylish whole is a testament to the creative team. It inexplicably manages to feel both locked into a specific time and place and absolutely “of the moment.”

Among Mrs. Maisel‘s many threads, you’ll often find the late-1950s set dramedy about a woman making it in the New York stand-up scene centered around food. From classic greasy spoon diners to family dinners to all the deli meat you can handle, this show isn’t light on the food porn. We all want to hang with Midge at the Stage Deli and let her walk us through the menu while explaining her ridiculous order (more on that later). We’ve all been out too late bouncing between bars and needed a late night burger and fry fix. Who hasn’t had an awkward dinner at their parents’ dining table at least once? Hell, even when Alex Bornstein’s Susie heats up a can of baked beans, we relate.

With that in mind, we thought we’d pull out our absolute favorite food moments from the first two seasons of the series. We’re also offering a related recommendation around New York City for each entry. Because, let’s face it, while all of those ridiculously piled pastrami sandwiches, slices of pizza, and late night hot dogs left us salivating for more of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, they also left us hungry.

Lutzi’s Meats and Poultry Butcher Shop


Lutzi’s Butcher shop is a bit of a catalyst in the first episode. Setting aside that this isn’t a kosher butcher, the old-school spot is where Midge goes to put on a bit of show of “getting the Rabbi” after her wedding faux pas shenanigans about shrimp in the spring rolls. She orders lamb, pays for another patron’s pork chops, and lifts a couple black-and-whites for her doorman and elevator attendant.

It’s what we all dream of when we think, “classic deli experience.”

Have the experience IRL:

This place is a real location in New York. You can grab your own lamb and pork chops from Moe the Butcher at Albanese Meats in Little Italy on Elizabeth Street.

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