A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rum, For National Rum Day

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There’s no disputing the popularity of rum. It’s the main ingredient in some of the most well-known cocktails ever created, including the daiquiri, Mojito, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and Planter’s Punch. There are few spirits more suited for summer imbibing than rum, too. There’s a reason it’s the most well-known form of alcohol in the Caribbean.

Made by distilling sugarcane juice or molasses, it’s fermented and bottled as white rum or matured in barrels to create dark rum (before finding it’s way into your favorite cocktail). There are other variations, (including spiced rum) but we aren’t going to get into all of that today. We have much more pressing matters to attend to.

As with any classic spirit, there are the known facts and then there are the little slivers of history that aren’t common knowledge. Since today is National Rum Day, we thought we’d give you a few conversation-starting, lesser-known facts about this delicious nectar. Check them all out below.

We can thank Alexander the Great for rum

Even though it wasn’t invented until much later, Alexander the Great had a hand in the spirit’s creation. That’s because way back in 326 BC, his army stumbled into sugarcane and used it to make a primitive version of molasses, the basis for many modern-day rums.

Rum production is as lawless as the wild west

Unlike the strict rules of bourbon, cognac, and tequila, rum doesn’t have any set rules. Distilling rum is like walking into a dusty town in the wild west with your guns drawn: anything goes. The standards are only set by the specific country the rum is made in and since it’s distilled all over the world, the rules are different everywhere.

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