This List Of The Most Livable Cities In The U.S. Has Us Second Guessing Everything

High angle view of Chinatown from Manhattan bridge
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Everyone thinks their city is the best city in the world but as it turns out, not everyone can be right. We get that there are valid arguments for almost every city in the U.S.A. but there’s got to be a system of checks and balances. For every quirky story selling Nashville’s music scene, there’s bound to be a horrifying counterpart. Which is why there are companies like SmartAsset to objectively break things down and determine which U.S. cities are actually the most livable.

In order to generate their list, SmartAsset considered six key factors including walkability, violent crime rate, property crime rate, unemployment rate, and income after housing. Seems reasonable. They also assumed a city’s higher population density was a good thing which is, of course, subjective. There were a few surprising hits and misses among the listed cities, including the number one spot — Jersey City. Of the 93 cities ranked, Memphis came in dead last largely due to high crime and unemployment and, according to the study, southern cities ranked poorly due to low walkability.

California cities appeared quite often on the list. In fact, there are four of them in the top 10. See for yourself!

1. Jersey City, NJ

We’re scratching our heads about as feverishly as you are at this one. But according to SmartAsset, Jersey City is pleasantly densely populated (if that’s your thing,) people make plenty of money, and you can walk almost anywhere.

Brava, Jersey City!

2. Irvine, CA

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Again we’re kind of surprised. Mostly because Irvine is the most boring, suburban-feeling place in all of suburbia. But… the city is super safe and because of some innovative engineering, you’ll be way less jammed up driving around than you would be in LA.

Plus it’s home to Taco Bell’s headquarters!

3. Plano, TX