Check Google’s Top Travel Searches As You Make Your 2018 Travel List

12.14.17 1 year ago

Where do we want to go in 2018? A good place to start finding an answer to that question is by looking back at where we dreamt of going in 2017. And to make parsing that pile of data easy, Google just released their Year in Search.

This year-end data is an interesting glimpse into what we seek and desire as a people, coupled with who’s doing the best to pique our interest. Below is a visual tour of Google’s most searched travel destinations and activities. There are some sure fire winners alongside a few legit surprises. Taken all around, this just might be the temptation you need to buy a plane ticket and book your next adventure.

Travel Destinations:

Destinations are always a bit vague. Can a country as massive and diverse as China be a single “destination?” Maybe… we guess? But it’s the details that makes a destination great.

In 2017, we searched for destinations around the world where fun reigned supreme, with idyllic beaches in paradise dominating.

Las Vegas, USA

EDM, slots, restaurants, and unfettered bacchanal make Vegas the Vegas of a great vacations.

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