You Can Vacation At These Beach Towns For Less Than $1,000 A Week

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There are certain ways that summer announces its presence. For some, it’s how everything smells like sunscreen. For others, it’s a warm breeze that says “Hey, it’s time to take this dinner outside.” And for others still, it’s a clarion call from the ocean, a lazy whisper that urges the listener to slow down, take time off, and spend a season (or at least a week) sprawled on the sand. Do you hear it? There are castles to be built and beers to be drunk. There are waves to surf and boardwalks to explore. And at night you can fall asleep under the stars (or at least with the window open), with sand in your hair and the promise of another day in paradise come morning.

Sounds great, right? But the beach can. be. expensive. Can you afford to take a week off in one of America’s most idyllic water-adjacent towns? We’ve done the math for you, so start drafting a letter to HR (or transferring money from your savings), here are ten beach towns where you can stay for less than $1,000 a week.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With 60 miles of beach, shimmering waters, and plenty of space for all of your favorite summer activities (volleyball, grilling, just laying out on a blanket and reading), Myrtle Beach is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to hit the water. AirBnbs range from $69 for beachfront condos for two to $95 for oceanfront “romance suites,” and while you may need to move around a little during your stay if you want the cheapest prices (all part of the adventure!), you could share a two-bed apartment with a friend for $200 a night or less.

Don’t mind a hotel? You could be chilling in a waterfront rental for as little as $534 for five nights.

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