Lesser Known Cuisines You Should Get To Know Better In 2017

Life Writer
01.24.17 4 Comments

The popularity of regional cuisines is constantly changing. Our food obsessions come and go — with the exception of Baja tacos, Japanese sushi, and Italian pastas. That’s why every year food writers and critics release lists upon lists of food trends that they promise are coming down the pike.

Sometimes they’ll hit. Sometimes they’ll misfire. Remember when everyone thought seaweed popcorn was going to be the next big thing?

Well, this is a list like that, we suppose. But let’s un-tether it from 2017 food trends. It sounds too temporary. Let’s look at these as “food cultures” that need a little more space on your monthly menu. We’re talking about cuisines and foodways which we believe are sorely underrepresented at present in the American food scene.

And we’re giving you photo evidence for why you should take it upon yourself to change things!

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