The Most Underrated Road Trip Stops In America

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Driving across America is a vagabond rite-of-passage. It’s the adventure of a lifetime and an essential part of any traveler’s well of experiences. Plains, mountains, endless coast, great lakes, deserts, tropical paradise, deltas, and rainforests make up this vast country. There’s so much to see in America that deciding what to see and what to miss is often the toughest choice of all.

In hopes of honoring road trips large and small, we’ve mapped out ten spots that might not be on your radar yet. These are the spots that are worth hitting if you want to get off the beaten track. These are the meals, vistas, and experiences that are worth the drive, even if they aren’t the most iconic possible choices. Next time you’re out there on the road, check a few out — you won’t regret it.

The North End BBQ, Indianapolis

The Northend BBQ is a little gem, dishing out smoky meats and tasty drinks in Indianapolis. The barbecue joint has it all — from Texas-inspired briskets to BBQ salmon to whole barbecued turkey breast. That’s the great thing about Indy BBQ, it mixes and matches the best of the best from around the country.

Why It’s Underrated: When we think of barbecue, few of us automatically think of Indianapolis. That’s a shame. Indy has a great barbecue scene that’s worth taking the time to explore.

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