Unicorn Pizza Marks The Official Apex Of Randomly Overloaded Desserts


Have you sensed it? The slow creeping takeover of unicorn-based products, as if Lisa Frank made a belated deal with the corporate devil? You aren’t alone. Unicorns are everywhere. They sell us stools to help us poop. They’re giant inflatables in our pools. They have seemingly replaced mermaids as the thing young women are supposed to declare they wish they were on shirts. Unicorns are even in coffee and lemonade, our Chex Mix and waffles. Basically, if you can consume it, it now comes in ‘unicorn.’

Now they’re in our ‘pizza.’ Industry Kitchen in New York City recently unveiled their latest dessert on Instagram and it is magical. If the restaurant name sounds familiar, it’s because Industry Kitchen is known for their novelty foods. Other examples include their $2000 pizza (yes really) that allows you to eat 24-carat-gold flakes surrounded by foie gras, French truffles, and black squid ink and garnished with caviar and edible flowers. Luckily, it doesn’t look like the unicorn pizza (officially called the Pop Candy Land Pizza) will set you back a month on rent to enjoy.

So what’s in this concoction? Industry Kitchen starts with rainbow cookie dough which is baked and then coated in colorful icing, sprinkles, and Pop Rocks. Since that’s still kind of tame, the chefs then throw a scoop of cotton candy and second dousing of Pop Rocks on top until it looks like a unicorn exploded. Which is what you too will feel like doing after you eat this delicious slice of diabetes.

So where do we ultimately land on this? Hmmm… we could support the overloaded milkshakes from Black Tap, because they (mostly) seemed worth splurging for. But there’s just no way that the savory-sweet and sour-sweet and sweet-sweet mix well on this thing. Not worth the stomach ache.

[Via Cosmopolitan]