Changes Things Up This Summer With These Unique Experiences In The Northeast

04.04.19 3 months ago


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The Northeast contains some of the country’s oldest cities and states, and with so much history it’s become all too easy to miss some of the unique experiences that are found hiding amongst the bigger attractions in the region. Whether we’re taking in artsy New York weirdness, soaking up the vibes at a small Northeast music festival, or exploring the rich natural beauty of New York state, there is plenty to experience off the beaten path.

Which is why we spent the last month highlighting some of the less appreciated activities that are still worthy of your time (and hard-earned money) across the United States. Nothing beats going underground and experiencing the treasures that are hiding in plain sight near major cities across the country. Here are some of our favorite finds in the American Northeast.

Go Off-Broadway in New York

Let’s face it, Broadway just isn’t weird enough to really be exciting anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Alexander Hamilton — but give me more of this: “I’m wearing a long, white mask watching a simulated orgy in a rave atmosphere — music thumps, lights strobe, topless women and a naked man gyrate feet away from me. I watch, impassively, with a few dozen other voyeurs. Suddenly there’s blood, but it doesn’t faze me. As if I watch a blood orgy every day.”

Writer Allison Sanchez takes us on an off-broadway adventure to the McKittrick Hotel for Sleep No More, a theatre experience that sounds like it literally has everything. Terrifying, electrifying, oddly sexy? It’s like a Kubrick film, but real life!


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