A Visual Tour Of GQ’s ‘Best New Restaurants For 2018’

04.24.18 1 year ago

Every year, chefs all over the United States covet a spot on GQ’s now notorious Best New Restaurants list. And though there are plenty of solid new restaurants popping up all over the country, only a select few can score a spot on the magazine’s coveted list. These are serious chefs, full of big ideas and sterling execution.

Both in how much chefs long to be chosen and in the reservation spike after being picked, the GQ list is as big as a James Beard nomination — it’s mainstream and easily accessible. Readers can’t wait to try the experiences that made the cut. This year is no different, as even checking the photos from these restaurants will prompt you to add all of them to your travel/food vision board.

Majordōmo (Los Angeles)

Majordōmo is a David Chang restaurant, and the only thing there that beats the food is the hospitality. A well-known chef may not usually put a comment card on the check, but Chang does just that. He’s accessible and always learning, growing, and reacting.

The name of the restaurant is a sign of gratitude for patrons and a promise that they’re in good hands.With dishes like tapioca lo mein, a purse-shaped spiral of spaghetti-sized noodles adorned with pork fat and twirled with rapini, and preserved krill, why would anyone decide not to patronize the place?

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