Wendy’s Is Getting Real Fancy With Croissant Buns And Truffle Oil Sauces

For a high-class meal on a road-trip budget, go to…Wendy’s? If we’re to believe an anonymous submission to Brand Eating, that paradox might just become reality by next year or so, at least if everyone’s favorite fast-food supplier of baked potatoes decides to expand the test of their new Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger.

The burger, which is apparently composed of a beef patty on a croissant bun topped with spring mix, bacon, cheese, truffle aioli, and truffle parmesan cheese sauce, has been spotted in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where it retails for a cool $4.99. Not bad, considering that a bottle of good truffle oil will set you back around $30 or more. Also on the test menu: Bacon Truffle Fries, which are being sold for $2.39.

Here’s the thing: The burger sounds good and all, and we’re glad Wendy’s is testing out fun menu additions. But we’re not quite sure what to think about the truffle oil part of the equation. Truffle oil is so 2010 — it’s a guaranteed way to get yourself kicked off Top Chef, remember? And, if we’re to believe Eataly founder Joe Bastianich, it’s probably not even real truffle oil that Wendy’s is using for their sauces: as he told HuffPost Live, “It’s made by perfume. It’s garbage olive oil with perfume added to it. And it’s very difficult to digest. It’s bad for you. It’s bad for New Yorkers. It’s bad for the American people. So, stop it.”

The good news is that there’s even something being tested out for the truffle oil haters: a Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich, which was spotted in Washington back in August. That sandwich is composed of crispy chicken and bacon on a croissant bun, topped with…maple syrup. We’re not holding our breaths on a nationwide launch of that one, but who knows? Maybe the flavors came together in a symphony of sweet and savory that would appeal to even the pickiest budget gourmand.