The Latest Pair Of ‘Alien: Covenant’ Teasers Continue To Show Fox’s Indifference To Spoilers

WARNING: More spoilers for Alien: Covenant below. Read at your own risk or better yet, create your own Alien film and release spoilers for it. Could be fun.

The build up to Alien: Covenant has been filled with unintentional leaks and official spoilers from Fox and director Ridley Scott. It’s pretty clear that everything we’ve seen to this point is stuff that no one behind the film is worried about being out there. Since the last time we’ve talked spoilers, Empire has released a selection of images from the film that give us a good look at the new Xenomorph seen below:

And have also confirmed some of the spoilers that were already released at SXSW and CinemaCon.

These are major things that would spoil a sequel to Prometheus but don’t seem to have too much to do with what happens to our friends on the Covenant. Instead of betting on the reveals for the Alien franchise as a whole, the studio and director seem to be holding onto the idea that this film and the sequels that follow will hold enough secrets that none of these spoilers or actually spoilers to begin with. It’s either that or I’ve convinced myself of that scenario in an effort to help understand what surprises are left.

Either way, a new set of foreign trailers feature some of those scenes mentioned in the Empire article and in a way, confirm a long-running theory about those eggs we see in the original film. Head below the Fassbender to watch.

So the first short teaser comes from Vietnam and gives us a few glimpses at what we’ve already seen, but also shows us a view from above what is apparently the Engineer City that Noomi Rapace and David were heading to in Prometheus. As mentioned in the CinemaCon article, this is not good for the Engineers and it probably isn’t good for Rapace either.

As you see in the quick glimpse, David is on the ship and dropping the containers of black ooze like bombs onto the Engineer society. Recalling the opening to Prometheus, you know this doesn’t end well for anybody on the ground.

It does give us a hint about what these ships are capable of and what the ship the Nostromo happens upon in Alien was going to do. If David is capable of such things here, could he be swayed to want to wipe out humanity using this new creation in a familiar fashion? Or maybe he’s just trying to send them back to make the company happy. We have six movies to get there, so who knows. The only sure thing is he wipes out all of these Engineers.

The aftermath of this scene is found in another trailer from Italy, complete with a xenomorph jump scare at the end. It’s far shorter than the trailer above, but the charred bodies seem to be the results of the “bombing” above. All of these seems fine in some sort of man’s creation kills man’s creator while also creating a killer for man cycle. At least that’s what it seems to be going for with David and his motivations since his debut.

The film premieres on May 19th, so we won’t have to wait too long to see where this is all heading.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)