Ridley Scott Continues To Clear Up The Connections We Can Expect In ‘Alien: Covenant’ To The Original ‘Alien’

WARNING: More possible spoilers about Alien: Covenant ahead so proceed with care, even if this one shouldn’t ruin the film for you

As we pointed out over the weekend, Ridley Scott doesn’t seem to be too concerned with spoiling the big moments of Alien: Covenant. We’ve had stars leaking information about the film’s titular monsters, no worries about showing too much in the trailers, and then he flat out drops some major spoilers during a 15-minute preview at SXSW. It must be a heck of a film because the actual surprises are out there — or at least some of the surprises.

Now we’re also seeing that he’s willing to cut down some of the lingering fan rumors we’ve heard about the film and its connections to the original Alien.

The topic this time around is Katherine Waterston and her character’s relationship to Ripley from the earlier Alien films. Rumors have made their way around since the first images of Waterson as Daniels brought back memories of Ripley. When asked at SXSW if the character was related to Sigourney Weaver’s iconic bad ass, Scott shut it all down completely:

“No. That was probably way back when. ‘Should she be the daughter of Ripley?’ I said ‘no.’ She’s herself.”

So unless this is one of those Vince Russo swerves, all of those rumors are now moot and stricken from the record. And that’s likely for the best. It’s already tough enough to follow a character like Ripley, but it’d be even tougher to have that relationship dog down a character that’s just being introduced. Folks had enough complaints about the Star Wars films and Rey possibly being a Skywalker, so imagine if the beginning of the Alien story just tossed out a random Ripley. At least Alien: Isolation had a plot-driven reason for Ellen Ripley’s daughter to pop up.

(Via Movie Web)