‘Aquaman’ Director And Actor Rumors: Is Karl Urban Playing The Supervillain?

As Vince would say, a question mark in the headline means one thing: the answer is probably “no.”


Latino Review, which seems to be the source of every movie rumor lately, seems to know quite a lot about what Warner Bros. has planned for the Aquaman movie. First theory: That the movie will try to avoid making fun of Aquaman. I’m not saying this is a no-brainer, but generally if you’re interested in starting a franchise with one of your less popular characters, not making him a joke would be the expected outcome. It’s rumored that Jason Momoa has a four-movie deal, so there might be more than one Aquaman film if all goes well. (Or, he could just be in a lot of Justice League movies.)

Second rumor: That there are two scripts being considered, which matches up with other rumors that DC is throwing many screenplays at the wall to see which one is the least fun. Both of these scripts are said to be expansive in terms of world-building, which means lots of money for big tanks of water.

Third: That the 2018 release date is in part so the studio can wait out Karl Urban’s Star Trek commitments, freeing him up for a role in the film. Latino Review’s exact words are “unspecified supporting role, possibly the villain.” Well, hmm. Black Manta is generally considered Aquaman’s nemesis, but he’s, y’know. Black. Then there’s Orm, the Ocean Master, Aquaman’s younger (half) brother, but I’m not quite sure passing off Karl Urban as Jason Momoa’s younger brother is going to work, either.

Which leads me to King Shark. Not directly, of course, there are a lot of other possibilities for an on-screen Aquaman villain, and sure, if the mainstream public isn’t familiar with the Rogues Gallery of Atlantis they’re not going to care much one way or the other who you pick.

Which leads me to King Shark.

I want Karl Urban to play a giant talking shark like I want pizza. Urgently and constantly.

Any heck way, the Karl Urban rumors are not totally without merit, as Warner Bros. produced Almost Human, which can be uncanceled at any time now, thanks. Also Karl Urban is excellent. Sharky shark shark.

Wait, don’t leave! I’m sorry about the King Shark thing. I just really like talking sharks.

The last rumor is for Aquaman‘s director, whom sources apparently say might be Noam Murro, director of 300: Rise of an Empire. This also seems like an actual possibility, as Zack Snyder is either directing or producing all of DC’s movie slate for the foreseeable future.

Via Latino Review