‘Suicide Squad’ May Feature An Unlikely Meeting Of The Minds Between Batman And A Supervillan

It’s no secret Batman at the very least is responsible for saving Harley’s life and sticking her in Belle Reve in Suicide Squad. But most of the team is tied to Batman somehow, usually as somebody he regularly beats up. So how much will Batman be in the movie?

According to rumor, the Harley Quinn scenes are half of it. The other half is Batman running into none other than Deadshot. One scene will reportedly be an “emotional” one, and considering the trailers feature Deadshot’s daughter fleetingly, it’s not hard to guess just what the emotions will be over. And apparently there’s a flashback as well, hopefully with Will Smith in Deadshot’s original outfit. Interestingly, he doesn’t appear to hassle Amanda Waller, which is smart of him, because Amanda Waller doesn’t take Batman’s crap.

Unlike reports that we might get a Captain Boomerang solo movie, this is fairly credible. Deadshot is a fan favorite and has been popular at DC for a while now, as Floyd Lawton’s hard-bitten smart-ass persona tends to play off the goofier or more serious heroes, and his dedication to his family elevates him above the typical greedy thief or mentally unstable individual superheroes often fight. Also, it seems unlikely Warner Brothers would cast Will Smith, a two-time Oscar nominee, solely to look cool blowing away whatever those creepy tar creatures are in the trailer. We’ll find out in August.

(Via Batman News)