‘Bones And All’ Director Luca Guagagnino Doesn’t Seem Amused By People Finding A Connection Between His New Cannibal Movie And Armie Hammer

It seemed like an eerie coincidence: Around the time disturbing allegations had been made public about Armie Hammer — including claims of cannibal talk — the actor’s former Call Me By Your Name colleagues announced they were making a bona fide cannibal movie. That film — Bones and All, directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Timothée Chalamet — is now making the festival rounds, and it doesn’t appear that the former is very amused by anyone who sees it as a reaction to the shocking Hammer news.

As per The A.V. Club, Guadagnino is spending the weekend at the Zurich Film Festival, where he was asked about it during a masterclass. “Any correlation with this kind of innuendo and silliness is preposterous,” he declared, seemingly annoyed. He then explained the project had been in the works well before claims about Hammer had gotten out.

“David Kajganich and Theresa Park, the writer and one of our producers, have been working on Bones and All since the book was released,” he said. “Many years ago, probably around the time when we were shooting Call Me by Your Name. It was to be directed by my great colleague Antonio Campos, but he decided not to go for it. That’s when they gave me the script.”

Bones and All, which is getting strongish reviews and is due in American theaters on November 18, is a road movie following two fine young cannibals, played by Chalamet and Taylor Russell.

In early 2021, Hammer was accused of sexual misconduct and other disturbing allegations by multiple women — claims that were allegedly leaked in party by his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers. Over the summer it was discovered he was selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands, with Robert Downey Jr. helping fund his recovery. Meanwhile, the Call Me By Your Name sequel is allegedly still in the works, albeit almost certainly without him.

(Via The AV Club)