Channing Tatum Got A Horse For His Birthday And He’s Predictably Excited

If there was any question about whether Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum’s marriage could get any sweeter or envy-inducing, the pair’s camping trip for Channing’s 36th birthday easily proves that it can. The duo took a few days to disappear into the woods on a mini-vacation with their daughter and family dog and from all of the Instagrams they posted it looks like the trip turned into a true woodland fairytale. From the classic Airstream trailer to the tire swing, everything about their time together looks truly magical.

But the trip wasn’t just all about family time and adorable photos, there were some great birthday gifts involved too. As we already know, Channing is a lover of animals and wildlife – especially horses. He has a rescue horse named Smoke that he saved last summer who is not only a beautiful animal but also loves the smell of beer. A more perfect animal/human combo probably does not exist. A new addition to the family might test that theory though, as Jenna got Channing another equine buddy for his birthday. The horse is named Cajun, and Channing already enjoyed a trail ride with his new gift and his daughter – who gave him a fiercely painted face for the trip. As ET reports, Channing call it the “best birthday gift ever” and it would be difficult to say he’s wrong.

New life goal – find a partner who can casually give you a horse during the greatest camping trip ever. Talk about an absolutely amazing work-life balance! Maybe Channing will bring the horse along in a cameo role for the next Jump Street movie.

(via ET Online)