Danny Boyle Calls His Exit From ‘Bond 25’ A ‘Great Shame’


The debate over who will take over the mantle of James Bond from actor Daniel Craig after Bond 25 rages on, but at least we know who the director is. Cary Fukunaga has been hard at work on the project since September, a month after Danny Boyle exited the project over “creative differences.” In a new interview with Empire magazine, the latter offered some brief (but insightful) comments about his departure from the film.

“What John [Hodge] and I were doing, I thought, was really good,” he said of his work on Bond 25 with the Scottish screenwriter. “It wasn’t finished, but it could have been really good”:

“We were working very, very well, but they didn’t want to go down that route with us,” he explained on his departure. “So we decided to part company, and it would be unfair to say what it was because I don’t know what Cary [Joji Fukunaga] is going to do. I got a very nice message from him and I gave him my best wishes… It is just a great shame.”

Despite the “shame” of his and Hodge’s departure, which Boyle feels in part because they never got the change to finish what they had started, the director stresses that “has no ill feeling towards Fukunaga or the project’s current iteration.”

Since Fukunaga came on board, Bond 25 has gone through several rounds of script revisions and slight delays. Even so, a few major updates have come along — like the potential casting of Oscar-winner Rami Malek as the lead villain. In the meantime, Boyle and Hodge will just have to take their unfinished script for 007 Hours elsewhere.

(Via Empire)