The Latest ‘Deadpool’ Blu-Ray Ad Wants To Give You An Erection Lasting Longer Than Four Hours

Despite the fact that Deadpool hit theaters almost three months ago on Valentine’s Day weekend, the highly successful comic book movie‘s marketing game remains stronger than ever. From television and banner ads suggesting that the violent superhero flick was an excellent choice for a romantic date, to regionally specific spots targeting places like Australia, the advertising team at 20th Century Fox earned their paychecks (and more) while promoting Deadpool. However, just because the Ryan Reynolds vehicle is set to violate people’s Blu-ray and DVD players on May 10 doesn’t mean the commercials are going to stop.

Hence the #Deadpole ad above. The 30-second spot adopts the cheesy format and content employed by pharmaceutical companies whose main product line involves adult males popping blue (or similarly colored) pills so that they can “Marvin Gaye and get it on” with the special lady in their lives. Except in this instance, the pills are replaced by a copy of Deadpool, and “if you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, you’re welcome.”

Reynolds also posted the ad, which he narrates, onto Twitter with the tag line, “Don’t let age, Mother Nature or groin trauma tell you what to do.” It’s a fitting quip, as much of the actor’s narration for the commercial follows the same snarky humor that makes Deadpool who and what he is: a true hero who doesn’t want any man to suffer the embarrassment of an erection lasting less than four hours.