All Of Fandom Exploded After Emilia Clarke’s ‘Star Wars’ Casting Was Announced

Like Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian announcement in October, the news that Game of Thrones‘ own Emilia Clarke would star in the Han Solo standalone Star Wars film broke late on a Friday. What’s more, just as Glover’s casting did, Clarke’s name being attached to the celebrated franchise meant lots and lots of memes and jokes on social media. We’ll be seeing more of Daenerys Targaryen in the summer of 2017, at least a full year (if not more) before Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s movie about the swashbuckling space smuggler gets anywhere near theaters, but that doesn’t mean the Internet can’t celebrate!

The decision to put Alden Ehrenreich in Harrison Ford’s shoes didn’t general nearly as much fanfare last July, but that’s only because the young actor didn’t have as nearly as big a following as either Glover or Clarke did. And while Glover’s pursuits in television (Community and Atlanta) and music (Childish Gambino) surely set him apart, Clarke’s fiery rise up the ranks of HBO’s global phenomena cannot be ignored. Seriously, people, the Mother of F*cking Dragons herself is going to be in a Star Wars film. Get out there and yell as loud as you can (on the Internet), because this sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic ride (or a very depressing blowout).

What have you got, Twitter?