Everyone Is Confused By The ‘Face/Off’ Reboot News, But They’ve Also Got Casting Ideas

From the heavily meta BH90210 to the upcoming Mortal Kombat, all kinds of properties are being rebooted, remake or “revived” thanks to the ongoing nostalgia boom. Some of these titles, like Netflix’s Fuller House series, have already began making their final bows. But that doesn’t mean that more is on the way, and sure enough, Paramount Pictures revealed on Monday that it was working on rebooting the 1997 John Woo classic Face/Off.

Yes, that’s right. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount and 22 Jump Street writer Oren Uziel are currently working on a Face/Off remake that will be produced by Fast & Furious franchise veteran Neal Moritz. And yes, I’m talking about that movie — you know, the one in which still-working actors Nicolas Cage and John Travolta played a terrorist and a lawman, respectively, that undergo a face-swapping procedure so that the latter can infiltrate the former’s organization. Totally serious discussions of the film’s potential reboot have been discussed before. Now it’s happening.

Since the news only broke today, and the project is still in its earliest developmental phases, Paramount had no casting announcements to make. Yet that didn’t stop Twitter — which was equal parts confused, excited and horrified by the remake’s existence — from tossing around a few casting ideas of its own.




Anyways, about those casting ideas… some of them are actually pretty good!

Others are, well, not.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)