The Steamy ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Trailer Wants You To Forget The Past

Fifty Shades of Grey is not only your promiscuous aunt’s favorite movie of all-time — it was also super successful (especially at the Razzies). The erotic Twilight fan fiction turned erotic novels turned erotic movie turned erotic fort and teddy bear made $571 million at the box office on only a $40 million budget, most of which was spent on blindfolds and underwear. The final scene of the film — spoiler alert, but not really because it barely counts as an ending — shows Ana (Dakota Johnson) leaving Christian’s (Jamie Dornan) swank apartment and… cut to credits. That’s how E.L. James’ Fifty Shades “tome” ends, too, and just like the book series, we’re getting two more movies: Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, which shot back-to-back.

Above, you’ll find the trailer for Darker. Gone are Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson and writer Kelly Marcel; they’ve been replaced by James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross, Fear) and Niall Leonard, the husband of E.L. James, who allegedly wanted more control over the script. Will they be able to recapture the masturbating and vomiting excitement of the original? Based on the footage in the trailer — which includes shower sex, Beyoncé covers, and creepy masks — I’d say the answer is: I don’t know. Ask your aunt.

Fifty Shades Darker is released (I’m not saying “comes out”) on Feb. 10, 2017.