People Can’t Wait To Roast Fired ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano’s New Movie With Ben Shapiro

Despite the sameness and stagnation of winter in a pandemic new days keep happening, and Friday brought news of a new collection of words tossed together in a kaleidoscope of weirdness and cancel culture backlash. That’s right: fired The Mandalorian star Gina Carano is apparently making a movie with far-right gadfly Ben Shapiro in an effort to battle “cancel culture,” presumably because Carano’s anti-Semitic, transphobic and coronavirus skepticism online wasn’t a proper justification for Disney not wanting her around.

News of this new entertainment venture hit social media on Friday, and though some conservatives celebrated the news there was a lot of jokes to be made at Carano’s expense. The fall from Disney mainstay to conservative martyr was abrupt, even for someone who had a long history of problematic posts on social media. But Friday was a swift change from topic of fan discussion to a full career pivot for Carano.

The idea that Shapiro could just start a movie company, and that be Carano’s next best move after getting fired by Disney for one of its most popular shows, was depressing for a lot of people.

Some used it as an opportunity to pitch their own ideas.

A lot of people referenced the reported difficulties Carano had in making Haywire, in which she had her lines apparently dubbed in after the fact by another actress.

There were a lot of Baby Yoda jokes. You know, kind of.

But mostly, it doesn’t seem like anyone is actually excited about a movie from these two. Unless it’s just to dunk on once again.

Some weren’t so sure there were not other “canceled” moviemakers interested in teaming up, though.