Glen Powell And Adria Arjona Inconveniently Caught ‘Crazy’ Rashes While Filming Their ‘Hit Man’ Sex Scenes

Glen Powell may have turned down a leading role in the Jurassic Park franchise, but the man is still consistently putting his body at risk for our entertainment, and that has to count for something!

Powell and his co-star Adria Arjona had an unfortunate bathtub-related incident while filming Richard Linklater’s upcoming action-comedy Hit Man which caused them to both break out in a “crazy” rash. That run in happened to be in a bath filled with the preferred soap of baby ducks, Dawn.

Arjona told Variety the bath was filled with Dawn during one of their sex scenes. “That strips you of all your oils of your skin. That’s used for baby ducks when there’s an oil spill, for God’s sake,” Arjona said. “And it’s on this bathtub and we soaked in this bathtub for an hour and I get out of the tub and all of a sudden I dry myself and I can’t bend my knees because I have no oils.”

Hit Man stars Powell as a phony Hit Man who is hired by Arjona’s character to kill her husband. Unfortunately, Powell also had no oils. “That was the day that we filmed all of our sex scenes – all of them with a crazy rash,” the actress admitted, “We were both in so much pain. We would just die laughing, ‘How much makeup do you have on your ass right now?’ I was like, ‘So much, it’s not even funny.’”

It wasn’t funny, but it sure looked fun! The actress added, “We had fun because it was so funny. We were both in pain with makeup all over this rash and it was funny.” Even though it sounds painful, it’s better than the falling off of a cliff on the set of Anyone But You. Who knew romance was so dangerous!!!

Hit Man will be released in select theaters on May 24 before making its streaming debut on Netflix on June 7.