Harrison Ford’s Grouchy ‘Blade Runner’ Speech Qualified As The Most Bizarre Introduction Of The Oscars

“Were they all on drugs?… Why do we need a third cut to the eggs?” I bet you’d have never guessed that Harrison Ford would say these words on an Oscars broadcast, yet that’s what he did at the 93rd Academy Awards, straight from the Dolby stage. It was an unprecedented event that turned out more than alright, all things considered, from the cinematic approach (produced by Steven Soderbergh) to the speeches (which included Daniel Kaluuya mortifying his mom) and the occasional bit (which led to Glenn Close doing “Da Butt” dance). After what we’ve been through lately, the Oscars worked as well as possible, and then there was one super-strange moment that left people scratching their heads.

That would be when Harrison Ford (while presenting the award for Best Film Editing) gruffly and awkwardly began sharing some harsh “editing notes” that followed a screening of 1982’s Blade Runner:

“I want to share some notes, some editorial suggestions that were prepared after the screening of a movie I was in… ‘Opening too choppy. Why is this voiceover track so terrible? He sounds drugged. Were they all on drugs? Deckard at the piano is interminable. Flashback dialogue confusing. Is he listening to a tape? Why do we need the third cut to the eggs? The synagogue music is awful on the streets. We’ve got to use Vangelis. Up to Zora’s death, the movie is deadly dull. This movie gets worse every screening!'”

It was very, very strange, and protracted, and a bit uncomfortable (Ford, as is often his air, didn’t appear to want to be at the Oscars) although ultimately funny. The presentation was even weirder than the opposite approach taken by Joaquin Phoenix while accepting the Best Actor award on behalf of Anthony Hopkins while abruptly closing the show. So in the light of day, it’s worth noting that since Harrison topped not only Joaquin but also Glenn Close and Daniel Kaluuya in terms of the weird factor, the reactions were also outstanding. That includes a reference to Best Documentary Film winner My Octopus Teacher: “Harrison Ford backstage sharing a joint with the octopus.”

For those who want even more, here’s those Blade Runner notes that Ford was referencing, or roasting, or something.