Henry Cavill Will Play Yet Another Sherlock Holmes In ‘Enola Holmes’ Alongside Millie Bobby Brown

Warner Bros.

In the span of a decade, we’ve had two mostly-serious Sherlock Holmes films from Guy Ritchie (with a third on the way), an Ian McKellen vehicle about an aging Mr. Holmes, a hugely popular British television series that updates the character for modern times, and a poorly received comedy featuring Will Ferrell. Despite all of this, the Millie Bobby Brown-led Enola Holmes is set to continue the great detective’s story, albeit through the lens of his youngest sister. Even so, a story about the Holmes family still needs its Sherlock.

Enter Henry Cavill, whose life after Superman includes Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series and the deerstalker cap-wearing detective himself. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 36-year-old actor will play Sherlock Holmes in director Harry Bradbeer’s upcoming adaptation of the Nancy Springer novels:

Springer’s book series, which began with The Case of the Missing Marquess in 2006, is comprised of six books and tells the tale of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ much younger sister, Enola, who turns out to be a highly capable detective in her own right.

Alongside Brown’s Enola and Cavill’s Sherlock, Helena Bonham Carter will reportedly play the former’s mother. As for fellow Holmes sibling Mycroft, the part’s casting either remains an active process or a closely guarded secret. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel and Justice League actor’s involvement begs the question… Is there ever going to be a Man from U.N.C.L.E. sequel? I’m not kidding!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)