Jack Black’s Oscar-Eligible ‘Mario’ Ballad ‘Peaches’ Could Become The Biggest Song Of His Career

Harry Styles, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Prince, and Beyoncé are the only artists who had the number one movie and song in the country in the same week. Jack Black won’t quite get there, but he’ll come closer than anyone expected. Even though we probably should have, because there’s nothing the Tenacious D singer can’t do (including playing Batman, hopefully).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is expected to finish #1 at the box office for a second straight weekend, while “Peaches,” the Oscar-eligible ballad sung by Bowser (voiced by Black), is climbing up the charts. “The song got off to a strong start in streaming and sales, and has only grown in the days since, as the movie has conquered theaters nationwide,” according to Billboard. “It’s risen from 218,000 daily official on-demand U.S. streams and about 500 digital song sales on April 7 in its first full day of release to 961,000 and 1,000 in streams and sales on April 10 – gains of 342 percent and 104 percent.”

“Peaches” could appear on the Billboard Hot 100 “within the next week or two” (it’s rapidly rising on the global Spotify chart), which would be a first for Black as a solo artist. With Tenacious D, he and Kyle Gass reached #78 with “POD” from The Pick of Destiny. (“Tribute,” the second single from the D’s first album, peaked at #4 in Australia, but failed to chart in the United States.)

Come on, TikTok, do your thing, and get “Peaches” on the Hot 100. And while you’re at it, make “Kyle Quit the Band” go viral, too.

(Via Billboard)