‘Freaky Friday’ Co-Stars Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan Have A Secret Texting Code To Ward Off ‘Fake Lindsays’

Jamie Lee Curtis has been constantly delivering iconic roles throughout her forty-plus years of being on the screen. She might be known for her scream queen antics in Halloween and Prom Night, but her comedic roles are often overlooked. When she starred as Lindsay Lohan’s uptight therapist mother in Freaky Friday, she single-handedly brought back plaid skirts with fishnets and showed the world who she really is: a rockstar!

“Freaky Friday was a fabulous movie, also very freeing creatively,” Curtis recently told EW. The movie followed Curtis and Lohan as they accidentally switched bodies. “You know, being a teenager again, it was super fun. I had a good time with Lindsay. She was terrific.” Freaky Friday came out in 2003 when Lindsay Lohan was at the height of her career. Though she took a break from acting shortly after, Curtis reveals that she and Lohan are still close. But since it can be hard to be close with a fellow celebrity who probably gets hundreds of texts a day, Curtis says they have a secret message to ensure that she is actually talking to her former co-star and not a Fake Lindsay.

“When she texts me, she’ll say, ‘Hey, Jamie, it’s Lindsay,'” Curtis explains. “I’ll be like, ‘Prove it.’ Here’s our proving it: I say, ‘What was the song that we both tried to learn the rap to when sitting in the car for an entire day together?’ If she answers correctly, then I know it’s Lindsay. If it’s somebody fishing, pretending to be Lindsay, they won’t know that answer. So, for all you fake Lindsays out there, that’s going to be your question!” Curtis added. Of course, this opens up the possibility that there is footage somewhere of Jamie Lee Curtis and Linsday Lohan trying to rap, which sounds like an internet goldmine.

Considering that the movie was shot in October 2002, maybe we can assume their secret song was probably “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. But don’t try pulling a fast one on Jamie Lee, all you Fake Lindsays out there!

(Via EW)