Jared Leto Gave Skrillex Creepy Gifts From The Joker, Too

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To recap, during the filming of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto reportedly stayed in character, answering only to “Mr. J” and never breaking character between scenes, growling at makeup artists, testing the laugh on strangers, and (of course) giving weird gifts to people. Much has been said about the gifts. There was the live rat given to Margot Robbie, a dead pig filled with bullets gifted to the squad, and the somehow-not-illegal gift of anal beads and used condoms in a rumor that was hopefully fake.

After all that ballyhoo — a role Leto says changed him forever (It’s not a phase, mom!) — most of his scenes were cut anyway, either because they were too insane or just not important enough, depending on whom you ask.

Oh, and somewhere along the way Leto also filmed a music video, in character as Joker, for the soundtrack’s “Purple Lamborghini” by Skrillex and Rick Ross. And now, in an interview with Complex, Skrillex revealed he was also on the receiving end of Jared Leto’s gifts to coworkers. And no, it wasn’t a snazzy coat.

Skrillex told Complex that Warner originally wanted him to do a music video using Suicide Squad footage, but he’s already friends with Jared Leto, so he suggested they do something unique together. Well, he got his wish. They made a video (below), and Leto gifted Skrillex with “the biggest dildo” he had ever seen “and a bunch of weird sh*t in a box.” Skrillex explained his reaction to Complex as, “I was just like, ‘Thank you.’ ”

It might be worth noting Leto has said he chose his gifts by thinking about “who that person is to you, what would they like?” So, when Leto thinks of a fitting gift for his buddy Skrillex, he thinks giant dildo? Anyway, here’s a music video.

(Via Complex)