A New ‘Justice League’ Teaser Sees Wonder Woman In The Batcave

So far, Justice League has dropped short teasers for Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman. And now it’s Wonder Woman’s turn, and it appears she’s got the keys to Bruce Wayne’s most personal of spaces, the Batcave.

Of course, Batman V. Superman ended with the two of them forming an alliance, but it’s also notable in that it teases fans with a relationship DC has danced around for years; namely Wondy and Batman having a romance. It’s an odd pairing but considering the flirt-heisting the two got up to at Lex Luthor’s house in the last movie, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Also interesting; Bruce appears to be constructing a gigantic Batplane in his space, and the hints that Diana’s job as an historian might come into play, as we see her restoring a statue. (In what looks to be a corset, for some reason, but hey, whatever demigods are comfortable wearing.) This might imply that there’s a bit more in the works than just the hints towards the New Gods we saw in Batman’s teaser, but that will likely have to wait for the trailer coming tomorrow. Or Cyborg’s teaser, which will likely be arriving later today.

(via YouTube)