Kristen Stewart Offered An Irresistible Description For Her Upcoming ‘Stoner Girl Comedy’ After Enjoying An Edible

Kristen Stewart has long moved past the phase in her post-Twilight career where she’s simply making bold choices. Now, she’s having fun while doing so. That’s what one is prone to do after devastatingly portraying Princess Di and then promoting the film while wondering, “Where was your f*cking homie?” As such, Stewart is currently working on her directorial debut, The Chronology Of Water, which is based upon Lidia Yuknavitch’s harrowing memoir and will star Imogen Poots. Yet she’s keeping a sense of balance. She’s also working on a “super gay ghost-hunting adventure” reality TV program, and as she told Rachel Sennott (Shiva Baby, Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Idol), she’s currently writing a “stoner girl comedy.”

Mind you, this discussion took place while Stewart was asking the questions for Interview magazine after admittedly taking half an edible. This sounds like the perfect mood to discuss the following subject, which hopefully means that KStew will be joining the R-Rated comedy revival currently led by JLaw. We shall see how that goes, but here’s what Stewart said about co-writing that “stupid” comedy with her partner, Dylan Meyer, while talking to Sennott:

“Me and Dylan are writing a movie. It’s a stoner girl comedy, and it’s really f*cking stupid. I think you’ll like it. But the reason I even thought of this is because our producer is our best friend. We’re starting a company. I’ve worked with so many people that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like for so long. It was definitely valuable, but also, f*ck that. We should do a movie together. What the f*ck?

From there, the conversation took several turns, including Stewart’s admission that “I f*cking love texting. It’s a lot of blue on my end and you better f*cking love it.” On that train of thought, Sennott appears to admit tweeting during “lame” sex, although it was probably still better sex than we saw during the most recent episode of The Idol (yikes). Overall, however, this was a trip of an interview and worth enjoying at your leisure.

(Via Interview)