Lisa Bloom’s Resignation Reportedly Followed Criticism From Weinstein Company Executives In Several Emails

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Emails obtained by the New York Times shed light on why Bloom stepped down as Weinstein’s advisor. Members of the board at The Weinstein Company, including Bob Weinstein, criticized the proposed defense laid out by Bloom regarding those laying out allegations against the executive:

As the board convened an emergency phone meeting on Thursday evening to address the allegations, published in an investigation by The Times, Ms. Bloom sent an email to board members attacking the article. She outlined a plan that involved “more and different reporting,” including “photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”

In one of the emails, Mr. Maerov scolded Ms. Bloom for “fanning the flames and compounding the problem” and asked that she step away from the company. He pointed to a business deal she had previously reached to have Mr. Weinstein turn a book she had written into a television series.

“You have a commercial relationship with TWC via a TV deal so how can you possibly provide impartial advice to Harvey or address this group with any credibility?” Mr. Maerov asked in the email.

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