The Murderous ‘M3GAN’ Dancing Doll Won’t Die: A Sequel Is Officially On The Way

As everyone knows from the Terminator franchise, you can’t keep homicidal AI down. The same applies to M3GAN, who didn’t fare well (in her physical form, at least) by the end of the James Wan and Jason Blumhouse-produced January 2022 release, but she’ll “be back.” Wan does have a way with murderous dolls, as he proved with The Conjuring franchise, where Annabelle gave Chucky a run for his overall-stuffed, well, you know.

In other words, running over the murder doll isn’t as easy as it sounds. Variety reports that M3GAN will live, or reboot, or further upgrade, in a 2025 sequel. The film appears to be called M3GAN 2.0, at least until she makes some changes to the programming:

Screenwriter Akela Cooper is returning to pen the sequel. Plot details haven’t been revealed, though Allison Williams, whose character helped bring to life the chaotic AI-like doll, will be back for “2.0” as will M3GAN’s pint-sized bestie, played by Violet McGraw. Gerard Johnstone directed the first film, but a director has not been announced for the sequel.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the film’s still cranking away in theaters with $91.9 total gross worldwide, which is a fantastic turnaround from a film with a $12 million budget. Horror still knows how to keep things cheap and effective. Really, just ask Skinamarink, if you dare.

(Via Variety, Hollywood Reporter & Deadline)