Marc Jacobs’ ‘Zoolander’ Instagram Homage Is So Hot Right Now

As the world waits patiently for Zoolander 2 to wow us with its (fingers crossed) Magnumesque glory, designer extraordinaire Marc Jacobs has taken it upon himself to create a pretty impressive tribute to the 2001 original.

Armed with his own posse, Jacobs has blessed the globe with a loving tribute to the “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” scene from Zoolander. No casualties were reported in the wake of this “freak gasoline fight accident” tribute, which zips along at a quick pace and touches on all the things you might want from an Instagram video homage to Ben Stiller’s fashion satire. It may also pull a loud “ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO” out of your mouth. That’s just how these things work. Here’s the original scene so you can evaluate the accuracy of the tribute.

Speaking of Zoolander 2, the film’s handy promotional rectangle has earned a spot on FilmDrunk‘s freshly compiled “The Best Posters of 2016” rundown. We’ll be able to check out the film in full when it gets its proper release on February 12. In the meantime, get a bonus Derek and Hansel fix by checking out our guide to the first film’s impressive parade of cameos.

(via Mashable)