Ryan Reynolds Finds It ‘Nerve-Wracking’ That He’ll Be On The ‘Deadpool 3’ Set ‘Every Day’ With ‘Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen

Despite initially voicing his aversion to filming Marvel movies, Succession star Matthew Macfadyen surprisingly joined the cast of Deadpool 3 just as the fourth and final season of the HBO series began to air. Not much is known about Macfadyen’s character, but Ryan Reynolds has confirmed reports that the role will be a significant “third wheel” alongside his Merc with the Mouth and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

“I think Matthew Macfayden is probably one of the most interesting actors working today,” Reynolds told eTalkCTV via Comic Book. “And the fact that he’s going to be on our Deadpool set each and every day is kind of nerve-wracking for me. I’ll be starstruck.”

Turns out Reynolds is a huge Succession fan, and he couldn’t stop gushing about one half of the Disgusting Brothers:

“I am always rooting for him because he was one of the best actors out there. I mean, no joke.” Reynolds said elsewhere in the interview. “I love him in Succession. I can embrace a guy who straddles the line of villain and hero. And martyr. And many other things.”

Macfadyen’s acting chops are on full display in this last season of Succession, which has already dropped one massive bomb and there’s another waiting in the wings just for Tom.

Deadpool 3 opens in theaters on November 8, 2024.

(Via Comic Book)