This Supercut Proves Matthew McConaughey Is A Grunting Super Actor

It was once said that acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Matthew McConaughey is an actor. Matthew McConaughey is also a noise maker. The superstar has risen from handsome bit-actor to rom-com specialist to Oscar-worthy leading man. All while riding a wave of grunts, screams, and slurps. Howls, hacks and gurgles. Through this supercut, his guttural groans, moans, clicks and pops become woke.

From the man who brought us the most powerful Owen Wilson supercuts, such as the Owen Wilson “wow” compilation and career condensing supercut, comes this Matthew McConaughey masterpiece. Alliteration be damned, this is onomatopoeia territory. And this supercut will not be library-quiet, like the never-ending amount of Owen Wilson videos. Somehow, McConaughey is able to do so much with so little. He taps into his inner being, his true self, and he does it all while making these strange noises. Who needs dialogue when you can write, “MM ad-libs weird grunt” in the script? It’s bold, it’s genius, and it’s something that Matthew McConaughey is undeniably great at.

Nnghh. Ungh. Grahhhh. Tee tee tee. Nien Nunb. All of these sounds, Matthew McConaughey has perfected. He’s the English-language Wookie. He is the one who makes the knocking noises.

(Via Sploid)