‘Mean Girls’ Gets A World Premiere Date For Its Musical Incarnation

Will “fetch” rise again in 2017? It appears so. The long prepped Mean Girls stage musical now has a world premiere date that we can pin our hopes and dreams on.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. will play host to the adaptation’s debut on October 3, 2017. Tina Fey is adapting the 2004 teen comedy alongside composer (and husband) Jeff Richmond and lyricist (and non husband) Nell Benjamin and will presumably not be giving Mean Girls 2 equal time in their production.

THR reports that casting decisions haven’t been made for who will appear in Mean Girls: The Musical just yet and Broadway plans aren’t locked in either. (We’d be surprised if this project doesn’t make the leap, of course.) Earlier this year, Fey acknowledged on Watch What Happens Live that the musical will be somewhat similar to the film.

Of the plot, she said, “We haven’t finished it yet, but it’s close — yes, pretty close” to that of the Paramount film she wrote, which grossed $129 million worldwide. They’re currently having trouble figuring out where the first act would end, and what would be the big “11 o’clock number,” or the climactic song toward the end of the second half: “[It] might be the girl fight.”

If Mean Girls wins a couple Tonys, Paramount is bound to come sniffing around Lindsay Lohan’s movie sequel treatment.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)