‘Alien: Covenant’ Releases An Introduction To Walter, Michael Fassbender’s Latest Android That You Can’t Trust

We’ve gotten quite a lot of treats from Ridley Scott and company ahead of Alien: Covenant’s release on May 19th. Not only did Scott make quite a splash with the film at SXSW, but the latest edition of Michael Fassbender’s android is here for his closeup. Much like the David android from Prometheus, Walter is getting his own informative viral advertisement that seems focused on ensuring people that the android is a friend and not an evil slime that will shove you in an airlock or worse.

Not only do we get a little Westworld peek into the creation process for Walter, but we also get to see him out and about with company. He’s a social guy — something viewers could also notice in that prologue video released with the premiere of Legion a few weeks back — and he’s “created to serve” as the trailer puts it. Of course, knowing the history of androids in the Alien series, he’s likely far away from being the perfect friend and shouldn’t be trusted. If Kane is still trying to feed Ripley a magazine in the original Alien, androids still have a ways before they’re fully your pal. They put on a good show, though.

You can also head over to the Meet Walter website and reserve yourself a copy — all by connecting to your Facebook and letting your friends know — and you can find out a bit more about what’s under the hood of this latest android.

(Via Fox)