Paddington Will Return For A Third Marmalade-Soaked Romp (Minus Its Original Director)

Paddington 2 may be one of the most beloved films of the last few years, and its many fans kicked up a storm when it was inexplicably snubbed at the Oscars. But it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t quite a monster hit, at least in the U.S. The continuing adventures of the marmalade-loving bear who talks with the voice of acclaimed thespian and sometime Q Ben Whishaw actually only grossed about half of its predecessor. Maybe that’s why we’re getting this news over three years too late: As per Variety, the Paddington threequel is officially, belatedly in the works.

Details are few on the ground so far. For one thing, what beloved actor will play the snooty villain this time? There’s big shoes to fill, considering the first two featured no less than Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant — the future stars of the very serious HBO miniseries The Undoing — coming for everyone’s favorite teddy bear son. Is it time to enlist Colin Firth? What about Kate Winslet? Or sic Tom Hardy on him? Maybe think slightly outside the box and get Jason Statham? Or perhaps they should think big and try to lure Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement.

The one big change is that writer-director Paul King, who helmed the first two, will not be returning. Why? He’s too busy with the Willy Wonka origin film. But Variety reports that he’ll “still be involved,” so hopefully that mystic blend of weird absurdism and weirdly affecting heart will remain in place.

(Via Variety)