The Royal Family Is Raging With British Fury Over A New BBC Documentary About Harry And William

The Royal Family is reportedly spitting mad at the BBC for refusing to let them see a new documentary on Prince Harry and Prince William before it airs. Titled, The Princes and the Press, the documentary explores Harry and Williams’ relationship with the press, most notably accusations that the two planted “smears” against each other through their advisors. While things have obviously been strained between the brothers after Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah, revealing their clandestine press wars probably won’t help the situation.

According to a senior source, the Royal Family has condemned the documentary as “tittle tattle,” which we’re guessing is British for “not cool.” (Don’t quote us on that.) In fact, the monarchs are so perturbed that they weren’t given a chance to respond in advance that they’re now threatening the BBC with a family-wide boycott if the documentary isn’t edited to their liking. Via The Daily Mail:

It is understood that unless Monday’s documentary removes these allegations, the three households have threatened to withdraw co-operation for future BBC projects such as interviews or documentaries. Such a move would mark the end of a long relationship between the Royal Family and the BBC, which screened a tribute to the late Prince Philip this year and broadcast Earthshot, a five-part series about climate change which was presented by Prince William.

In a statement, the BBC defended its reporting and showed no signs of making the adjustments requested by the Royal Family. According to British law, this now means Prince Charles may hurl one Wonka bar in the BBC’s general direction, or two Everlasting Gobstobbers at medium velocity. (Maybe don’t quote us on that either.)

(Via Daily Mail)